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Intelliscan Walk-Thru Metal Detectors

Intelliscan Walk Through Metal DetectorThe Intelliscan series of walk through security scanners has been developed for detecting Metal/Weapons on indiviuals being screened and detects any items that are passed, slid or tossed through the unit. The Intelliscan series is available in 3 models with varying detection sensativity:


All Intelliscan units feature fast transit response and automatic reset, rejects noise and other interference, On/Off key lock, dual level six-digit security pass codes.


weather king outdoor walk-thru metal detector To blend with their surroundings, Intelliscan walk through detectors also come in 2 available exterior finishes in addition to the standard finishes listed above:


  • All Weather with a Rugged Outdoor Weatherproof Casing


Additional fees may apply depending on exterior finish model selected.

 Intelliscan II  Intelliscan II Advanced Walk-Thru Metal Detector